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    Company News
    Hivron invention patent information
    Hivron invention patent information
    From 2012 to now, Hivron has entered into the air quality detection industry, IOT intelligent hardware development and production, environmental monitoring and governance and other fields. Its scientific research and development mainly focuses on IOT intelligent sensor technology, and focuses on mastering the core technology in related fields. On this basis, it has successfully developed and mass produced terminal products.   Hivron is a high-tech enterprise focusing on air quality sensor R & D, production and sales. Through continuous R & D innovation and product quality control, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with many enterprises at home and abroad.   At present, hebyron has many invention patents, new innovation and software works, and its products have passed many certifications. Ensure to provide customers with high-precision and high-quality products, and provide one-to-one professional services.   1、Approved by DC Brushless Controller in 2012.   2、PM2.5 Particle Driven Dust Sensor Patented in November 2013.   3、In July 2014, air purification filter element and an air quality detection device were patented.   4、In April 2015, vehicle air quality testing module and multi-functional intelligent socket were patented.   5、Laser sensor patented based on MODBUS protocol in September 2017.   6、Dust Sensor Obtained Appearance Patent in September 2017.   7、In December 2017, the intelligent driving purifier was patented.   8、Copyright of Intelligent Driving Purifier, Intelligent Socket and Laser Sensor in August 2018.